Cima Del Pomer

Wines that celebrate the millennial link between Venice and its countryside

Villa Cima Del Pomer

Situated in the heart of the Asolo hills nestled among vineyards, olive groves and ancient apple trees

Discovery, emotion, history

Between gentle slopes, profiles of ancient villas and old barns



Chapter 1


Caterina was a young venetian of noble birth. After becoming the queen of Cyprus she courageously held out against multiple revolts and was finally able to return to her homeland where she was rewarded with the dominion of Asolo and could finally live a happy life. Here she dedicated herself to culture and establishing the literary and artistic distinction of her court. This is a noble Asolan wine just like Caterina. The foam is perfumed with tiny hawthorn flowers turning to the warmer and sweeter notes of broom and yellow apple pulp with hints of peach and honey. On the palate it is mellow and fragrant, firmly sapid and endowed with a lively freshness
that still makes room for the fruity and floral encores. Like Caterina this wine leaves long lasting and elegant memories. Food pairing: grilled shrimps with lime sauce.


Marco, Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Extra Dry

Chapter 2


Marco is a homage to Marco Polo, tireless Venetian traveller who in his famous “Book of Marvels of the World” tells of his encounter with the Griffins, enourmous animals with an incredible wingspan, an unheardof species at the time! It is a Extra Dry prosecco made using the classic “italiano” or charmat method. It has a fine, persistent and lively perlage with darting golden highlights. The range of aromas is ample and veers from the sweet notes of pear and mature yellow skinned apple to the floral scents of yellow rose and acacia flower complete with aromatic smells of sage, herbs and a whiff of fragrant bread. On tasting, the mellowness of the flowers and fruit caresses the palate, almost as if were the delicate wing of a powerful Griffin accompanying the whole drinking experience but without prevailing over the freshness and sapidity that makes this wine so well balanced, long lasting and enjoyable. Food pairing: cream of asparagus with shrimp and scollop salad.


Clara Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut

Chapter 3



This is an exuberant and decisive wine at the same time as being elegant and docile. An old venetian story narrates of a female rhinoceros, brought to Piazza San Marco from a far off land to be admired as a strange wonder. It was a strong and indomitable specimen yet became meek and docile enough to rest its head on a little girl’s lap and allowed itself to be stroked. In the glass Clara appears with a frothy straw yellow nuance and a steady, continuous perlage. The impact on the nose is intense and direct with soapy notes and a exotic touch of incense that gives way to floral scents of hawthorn and fruity notes of crunchy medlar fruit with interesting hints of citrus. On the palate it is decisively fresh, as the fruity notes welcomely return for an encore, completing the elegance of its lingering sapidity.


Melusina Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Dry

Chapter 4


Melusina owes its name to the ancient legend that tells of a beautiful girl, saved from the waters by a fisherman Orio who answered the lure of her sweet voice.Melusina’s beautiful guise had sumptuous golden reflections animated by a fine and constant perlage. Its impossible not to be won over by the sweet perfumes in this wine reminescent of broom and magnolia flowers set off by a note of acacia honey and completed with a dose of aromatic herbs and a dusting of icing sugar. On the palate it reveals a good structure that reflects the residual sweetness in this wine.Food pairing: excellent with fried doughnuts and dry biscuits. For an unusual pairing, dare to serve it with polenta and herring.


Chapter 5


Produced using the age old technique of re-fermentation or “sur lie”, Fondante is a lovingly crafted, natural wine to drink right down to its dregs. Glera grapes are vinified and bottled with their own yeasts, without clarification or filtration. At Easter time, when the surrounding temperature rises, the yeasts reawaken, giving a second fermentation inside the bottle. Just as the ancient turtle awakens on the seabed rising to the surface to catch its breath, so this wine slowly and patiently takes on a new life, thanks to its yeasts, those hidden jewels that embellish Fondante with a unique range of sparkling sensations on the nose and palate. The sensations of fruit and flowers combine enjoyably with the freshness and sapidity characteristic of the wines from this area. Fondante is free from added sulphites so is well tolerated by people sensitive to this substance.
Food pairing: salmon and sea bass tartare with aromatic herbs.

"Cima Pomer wine celebrates the centuries old links between Venice and its hinterland, which throughout history has supplied the Serenissima with superb wines which have been taken throughout the world by Venetian merchants."

− Paint: Giorgione, Venere dormiente. Oil on canvas 1508-10.

"Venice is a city of fantasy and magic, a cabinet of curiosity, surreal in every way."

− Paint: Giorgione, Venere dormiente. Oil on canvas 1508-10.

"It’s from this dream world, where reality and fantasy merge, that our imaginary animals come to be brought to life on our bottles."

− Paint: Giorgione, Venere dormiente. Oil on canvas 1508-10.

Holidays in Villa Cima Del Pomer

Aromas of the forest, of apple and pear trees, of vines and olive trees, of cypresses, of great food, of sun, of relaxation and comfort, of dining to birdsong or watching the arrival of the fireflies, this is genuine happiness. And at night? Finally darkness, natural darkness, one that allows you to stargaze in tranquil serenity….

Around our wonderful hills are many things to do

Nearby is Asolo, a medieval walled gem perched on a sunbathed hilltop while looming above, Monte Grappa bears silent witness to the Great War. Down the road is Villa Volpi, the most beautiful of Palladio’s Villas while in Possagno is Canova’s studio, home to his dreams, his art and his beloved Temple. A short drive takes you to the walled city of Castelfranco, the birthplace of Giorgione. History, architecture, nature and above all the love of beauty are all waiting for you on your doorstep.

La Rocca di Asolo

Cellar tour and wine tasting events

At the winery, located in the family villa of Carlo Amistani  in the town centre of Montebelluna, we have a large showroom with tasting room and event space.

Cima Del Pomer
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