Azienda Agricola Cima del Pomer

Cima del Pomer is the winery that I wanted to name after an old native apple tree, the Rosa Gentile, which is found among the olive trees and vineyards of the Asolo area and in particular in Monfumo, a small-town of 1400 inhabitants located in the region Veneto in North-East of Italy, only one hour from Venice.

In these places where colors fade between gentle slopes and incomparable views hidden from mass tourism, Cima del Pomer celebrates the deep bond that Venice had with Asolo.

An enchanting town, a sort of ‘sestriere de tera’ (a small part of Venice on earth) perched on the top of a small hill, Asolo became the cherished place of the formidable Caterina Corner, a symbol of the values that characterized the great adventure of this indescribable Town.

As owner of the Company, I have a feeling of deep admiration, amazement and gratitude for what history has handed down to us and not only from an architectural and literary point of view but also from an oenological and experiential point of view and that is why I invite anyone to enter in the visionary world of Cima del Pomer. Benvenuti!

Alessandra Vegro Amistani

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