Welcome to Cima del Pomer, the Montebelluna winery with its Fondanti Integrali wines and Prosecco Charmante between history, culture, and taste.

In Monfumo, in the hills of Asolo, in an area rich in history, as charming as it is generous, my small winery, Cima del Pomer, is born.

In these places where colors fade between gentle slopes and incomparable views hidden from mass tourism, Cima del Pomer celebrates the extraordinary bond that Venice has had with the enchanting town of Asolo. Medieval stronghold, a destination for poets, writers, and artists, Asolo is more than a wonderful Venetian “sestriere de tera” perched on the top of a beautiful hill.

It was the chosen place of the great Caterina Corner, a young Venetian patrician who embodied the values ​​of the Serenissima Republic by adventurously living a destiny written by others.

To her, I wanted to dedicate my best-known wine, the Prosecco Docg REGINA CATERINA, a sparkling wine that I recommend for its cheerful and sincere drinkability, a symbol of Italian conviviality and hospitality, like Caterina.

All the icons of Prosecco Clara, of the sparkling wine Ganzo, and of our first Fondante are inspired by the masterful work of the Venetian publisher and humanist Aldo Pio Manuzio, which helped to build the narrative architecture Cima del Pomer project. This project also aims to underline my unconditional admiration for an unforgettable past, which has become an adventure to be told and protected even just by sharing real anecdotes that happened thanks to a curiosity for products like ours.

I’m waiting for you at Cima del Pomer, to taste, to toast, and to know each other!

Alessandra Vegro Amistani

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