Since the end of the 1800s in the family cellar in Montebelluna, we have been producing sparkling wines through second in-bottle fermentation, without added sugars and sulfites. Our great-great-great-grandmother Itala Pizzolotto Guarda called them ‘Fondanti’ when no one would have called them – in our view rightly – ‘col fondo’ or ‘colfondo’, because then in our areas, the family or ancestral method was the normality. Of course: it was normal to make wine in September to have it sparkling in May, after the lowering of temperatures, the wine had entered, so to speak, ‘hibernation’. Only with spring did this wine awakens, returning to new life and restarting to ferment. Another way to have ‘sparkling’ wines did not exist.

We like this metaphor.

This is why at Cima del Pomer we add the adjective ‘integrale’ to the word Fondante, that is, due to the presence inside the bottle of the natural sediment made up of yeasts that on purpose are not disgorged.

The yeasts themselves allow the wine to remain an extraordinary product, alive and changeable, whose processing is limited to bottling to refine over time, ensuring maximum digestibility.

You will long remember the freshness and lightness of a sip of Fondante Integrale wine, continuously inviting and very satisfying.

Only much later, from the 1940s onwards, Prosecco sparkling wines using the Martinotti-Charmat method were produced with great success, here at Cima del Pomer we lovingly call them Charmanti.

Light, transparency, straw yellow colour flickering with silver, and lively perlages contrast with the elegant opaline veil of the Fondanti Integrali wines.

The Charmanti and Fondanti Integrali are truly exceptional wines, ambassadors of Italy with its extraordinary hospitality: a symbol of conviviality, always creating new opportunities to toast!

Come and visit us to taste our bubbles and put us to the test, we are waiting for you!

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