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Produced using the age old technique of re-fermentation or “sur lie”, Fondante is a lovingly crafted, natural wine to drink right down to its dregs. Glera grapes are vinified and bottled with their own yeasts, without clarification or filtration. At Easter time, when the surrounding temperature rises, the yeasts reawaken, giving a second fermentation inside the bottle. Just as the ancient turtle awakens on the seabed rising to the surface to catch its breath, so this wine slowly and patiently takes on a new life, thanks to its yeasts, those hidden jewels that embellish Fondante with a unique range of sparkling sensations on the nose and palate. The sensations of fruit and flowers combine enjoyably with the freshness and sapidity characteristic of the wines from this area. Fondante is free from added sulphites so is well tolerated by people sensitive to this substance.
Food pairing: salmon and sea bass tartare with aromatic herbs.