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Marco is a tribute to Marco Polo, a tireless Venetian traveler, who in the famous book “Il Milione” tells of his meeting with the Griffins, huge animals, with incredible wingspan, never found in the species known at the time. Marco is a Prosecco Extra Dry, obtained with the classic Italian method (charmat). A fine and persistent perlage enlivens a beautiful straw yellow color with darting golden reflections. The olfactory range is broad and turns from the sweet notes of pear and apple with yellow peel, to the floral ones of yellow rose and acacia flower, to the aromatic scents of sage and herbs and to a fragrant note of bread. The sweetness of flowers and fruit envelops the palate to taste, almost like the wing of the griffin, and accompanies all the sip, but without prevailing on freshness and flavor, that make the sip balanced, long and pleasant. Pairing: asparagus cream with shrimp salad and scallops