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Fondante is a basic, founding wine made with the ancient technique of fermentation on yeasts. Glera grapes are vinified and bottled with their own yeasts, without clarification or filtration during Easter. When the ambient temperatures rise, the yeasts awaken and start a second fermentation inside the bottle. As a centuries-old tortoise dormant at the bottom of the sea rises placidly afloat to resume oxygen, even this wine with slowness and patience is able to resume life thanks to the yeasts, hidden jewels that embellish it giving peculiar taste-olfactory nuances and a particular effervescence …


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An exuberant and decisive wine, but elegant and docile at the same time. An ancient Venetian story tells of a female rhinoceros, brought up to Piazza San Marco from distant lands to be admired as an unknown wonder. A strong and indomitable specimen, able to become meek and docile, to the point of resting his head on the lap of a child to be caressed. In the glass Clara appears of a sparkling nuance of straw, with a constant and continuous perlage. The olfactory impact is intense and direct, with notes of soap and an exotic touch of incense, which gives way to floral hints of hawthorn and fruity of crisp medlar, with interesting citrus hints.On the palate it is decided in the freshness, pleasant in the fruity and elegant returns in the sapid wake.



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A young Venetian of noble birth, after having become the queen of Cyprus and bravely resisting the Ottoman uprising, she could finally return home where she was rewarded with the lordship of Asolo, where she finally lived happily, dedicating herself to culture and founding a famous cenacle artistic. This is a noble and asolo wine, just like Caterina. The pleasant foam smells of small flowers of hawthorn, which then turn towards the warmer and more sweet hues of the broom and of the yellow apple pulp, with hints of peach and honey. On the palate it is soothing and fragrant, firm in its sapidity and with a lively freshness, capable of leaving room for fruity and floral returns. Like Caterina, this wine leaves a long and elegant memory of itself. Pairing: grilled prawns with lime sauce.